Single Sign-On (SSO)


Single sign-on is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. It is often accomplished by using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and stored LDAP databases on servers.

Enable SSO for my organization’s account

Enabling SSO is possible on-demand, you will want to reach out to your Customer Success Manager of Inspectorio or contact [email protected]. You will then be contacted to proceed to the integration between your identity provider (IdP) and Inspectorio to follow these main steps.

Steps to integrate your IdP with your account of Inspectorio

  1. Inspectorio creates a separate organization on a testing environment to avoid any interruption of activity
  2. Your organization registers a test user in your identity provider (IdP) and provides the email address to Inspectorio, for example [email protected]
  3. Inspectorio invites the provided test email address as a user, within the previously created organization dedicated to SSO testing
  4. Inspectorio provides you with a link to download the metadata file so that your IdP recognizes Inspectorio’s application
  5. Your organization downloads the metadata file of Inspectorio from the link provided by Inspectorio
  6. Your organization imports the metadata file in your IdP, generates a new metadata file that includes the recognition of Inspectorio app, and sends it back to Inspectorio
  7. Inspectorio configures the dedicated SSO org on the testing environment with the metadata file received from your organization
  8. Inspectorio confirms to your organization once you can proceed to testing
  9. Your organizations performs a SSO test by navigating to Inspectorio’s login page on the testing environment and logs in by inputting the test user email address –this should redirect you to your IdP, where you will have to input the same test user email address along with the password stored in your IdP and submit, then this should redirect you to Inspectorio’s login page on the testing environmment and automatically log you in successfully
  10. Your organizations informs Inspectorio when the test has happened and what is the observed result

Note: in case of an error on step 10, Inspectorio troubleshoots the result of the log in attempt, and requests your organization to test again (back to step 8)