Integration Center

Monitor your data exchange logs

On Inspectorio SIGHT Platform, you can monitor your data exchange logs by navigating to your avatar > My Integration Center. This is particularly helpful while you are building your data exchange with us, whether through Sight API or Sight File Transfer, to understand how your attempts have been interpreted by our integration layer, make the necessary changes, do another attempt, and verify again that everything goes well. Throughout your journey with Inspectorio, this also comes in handy whenever an end-user is raising an issue regarding data accuracy or missing data to troubleshoot at ease and support as quickly as possible.

The Integration Center allows you to search by a resource key (PO Number, Style ID of a Measurement Chart, etc.), display all results or only the passed or failed ones, as well as filter by created time, finished time, resource (Purchase Order, Measurement Chart, Lab Test Report, etc.), method (Create, Read, Update, Delete), and data exchange service (API, File Transfer, File Import).

Note: logs are only accessible over the last 30 days.

Integration Center Screenshot