Inspectorio for Developers is the portal where you can find everything you need to integrate your data with your account of Inspectorio. Have a look at our guides and the API reference, subscribe to our announcements, and visit our FAQ page!

Data Integration Capabilities

Many different PLMs and ERPs, both commercial and in-house, have integrated successfully with Inspectorio SIGHT. We offer three methods for you to integrate your PLM/ERP system(s) with your account of Inspectorio:

  1. API Integration utilizing API Keys configurable in your account of Inspectorio
  2. File Transfer via a storage service account provided by Inspectorio
  3. System File Import directly on Inspectorio SIGHT Platform

Data Integration Capabilities

API Integration

Inspectorio SIGHT API is an interface that you can interact with to integrate your data as seamless and flexible as possible. Once you have programmed a client that talks with Inspectorio SIGHT API, you will be able to push and pull data from your account of Inspectorio.

This flexible integration can be configured to continuously synchronize any changes between your data system and Inspectorio. You may apply any business logic to filter your data before synchronizing them via API. Inspectorio SIGHT API is a flexible 2-way integration to automate a large part of the data transfer process, thus we highly encourage that you use API Integration.

File Transfer and System File Import?

Inspectorio will provide you with a storage service account which you can use to securely send files containing your data to Inspectorio through HTTPS or SFTP. This file upload process can be scripted to run automatically via File Transfer, and only manually imported via System File Import. File Transfer and System File Import are a one-way integration enabling you to push data to your account of Inspectorio, but your system will not be able to pull data from your account of Inspectorio. It is possible to bulk create/update your data via File Transfer and System File Import.