File Transfer Formatting

File Transfer Formatting Specifications

In order to successfully transfer your data, you must ensure that your CSV, XLS (Microsoft Excel 97) or XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2007-2010) are formatted correctly.

File Specifications

Please refer to Inspectorio Sight File Transfer’s specifications to understand the data structure for purchase orders, measurements, and organizations. You will find samples of file you can transfer in the guide Getting Started with File Transfer.


Measurement Charts can be validated and edited for each inspection through Inspectorio Sight Platform; however, such edits will not produce permanent changes on the measurement charts stored in your account. In order to edit Measurement Charts permanently, you can transfer a new file with your desired changes, which will replace the existing one.


In the case of an error at any point in the data exchange process, an email will be sent to the file transfer point of contact at your organization.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].