API Query Parameters

Our API is built to help you access your purchase orders as easily as possible. We have incorporated pagination capabilities and the ability to pull multiple data entries at the same time to simplify your data management processes.

Parallelizing Requests to Increase Integration Speed

When setting up your API client, you can send up to 20 concurrent, asynchronous request calls at once. Inspectorio API Servers can support 20 workers at the same time. Parallelizing your API calls will improve the speed of your data integration significantly. For example:

Scenario A) One request at a time

3,600 requests * 2 seconds per request 
= 2 Hours
Scenario B) Parallelizing requests, 20 at a time

3,600 requests / 20 = 180 * 2 seconds per request
= 6 Minutes

Query Size

Use the limit parameter to specify how many POs you wish to pull in each request.


When requesting a large number of entities from our API, it is possible that the request may be interrupted or truncated resulting in an inadequate transfer of information. In order to avoid such an incident, we provide pagination capabilities that allow you to break up large requests to our API into multiple smaller requests. Use this technique to access specific POs, make more reliable requests to our API and simplify your PO data management.

You wish to access 1000 POs from our API. Instead of making one large request for all 1000 POs, break that request up into ten 100 PO requests. Use the offset parameter to keep track of which specific POs you are accessing. For example, in order to access the first 100 POs, useoffset=0 and limit=100. Then, to access the second 100 POs, use offset=100 and limit=100, this request will provide 100 POs starting with PO#101 and ending on PO#200.