API Errors

API Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, API requests sometimes don’t go as planned.

As you build your API client, we recommend that you include some retry logic if you receive an error with HTTP 429/500/502/504 status (see table below).

For example, if you receive an error with status 502, then the API client should retry the request after 1 minute. If it fails again for some reason, then retry the request after 5 minutes. If this attempt also fails, then stop and try during the next business day. At this point, you can store this request information somewhere and mark it as “try again tomorrow.”

API Request Error Codes

We have incorporated detailed and comprehensive error messages to make sure that you are well informed and able to complete your request. Find all of our HTTP error codes and associated error messages below:

Error Code Description
400 Bad request message
401 Authentication error message
404 URL not found
422 Validation error message
429 Too many Requests
500 Internal system error
502 Bad gateway
504 Gateway timeout