Milestone Status - Time and Action


This guide describes how you can get the list of T&As, get the T&A details, and update the milestone statuses of T&As.


Generate an API Key for your organization and use it to authenticate your API requests.


  1. If you don’t have the list of T&A IDs yet, use the Get List Time and Action API endpoint to retrieve the T&A IDs. Alt text

  2. To retrieve the milestone’s information, use the Get Time and Action API endpoint. Alt text

  3. To update the milestone status of T&As, use the Update Time and Actions Milestones API endpoint. In the request body of this API, use the JSON format.

Update Milestone API with required fields:

  • id (milestone ID)
  • actualStartDate
  • ActualEndDate

Alt text

Where to see the result on Inspectorio platform

You can view the updates on the T&A milestones in each T&A details page and activity log. Alt text Alt text To view successful API integration logs, go to My Integration Center > Audit Logs. Alt text