Use cases

This page includes some use cases for SIGHT API integration.

Create Custom Notifications to send to other users or systems

Imagine that a Final Inspection is conducted on an order. Even though the inspection passed, there were some Major defects found in the Workmanship, Visual, Packaging, or Measurements section.

When the order arrives to the distribution center, you want DC inspectors to identify this PO and give an extra inspection to ensure the goods have sufficient quality and are ready to be sent to stores or customers.

You want the warehouse management system to receive a notification via data integration to set aside this PO upon receipt, so that your DC inspectors can easily find the PO for the additional inspection.

  1. Generate an API Key.
  2. Set up a Webhook for report upload.
  3. Write a script using Get Report to pull and analyze reports.
  4. Include the logic that you want the script to identify: for example, whenever the number of defects found for a certain section is less than the acceptable limit, and is more than 0. The inspection status will be “PASS”.
  5. Send the PO field, number of defects found, defect categories, defect codes, and shipment date.
  6. Include the credentials of the warehouse management recipient system to receive the notification about these data points.

We offer a Bash script, with which you can fetch your reports, analyze them and get PO numbers, defect categories, defect code and total defects. Please contact us for the latest script.