What ERPs has Inspectorio previously integrated with?

At Inspectorio we are either in the process of, or have fully integrated with, the following PLM/ERPs: FlexPLM, OnePLM, Bamboo Rose, Oracle NetSuite, SAP ERP, Tradestone, Amber Roads, and numerous homemade solutions.

Our integration history however places no limits on our potential. We would be happy to explore an integration with your preferred system to ensure that you can achieve accurate and powerful data synchronization.

How to integrate with Inspectorio?

Inspectorio Rise supports API integration capability. The exposed API offers you flexibility to push and pull data and transform it to meet your business needs.

In order to send requests to the Inspectorio Server API, you will need to build an API client to translate information between your ERP system and the Inspectorio Server API. Since you will manage this API client, you will be able to make any modifications to alter the type of information you send.

Furthermore, once you’ve built your API client to send us organizations profiles, you’ll be able to utilize that same client to pull the data available via our exposed API, which you can find here. You can retrieve your data at any time using the appropriate credentials.

How can I be informed of a change in Inspectorio’s integrations?

You can subscribe to updates on the Announcement page here. In case of a major change, we apply a versioning strategy for API to ensure having 2 major versions running in parallel for a period of time in order for you to implement the changes.


What sort of data does Inspectorio need in order to function properly?

From an integration standpoint, your production ecosystem profiles comprise the minimum data necessary to complete an assessment after your account has been configured in the platform. Inspectorio Rise is a network platform and organizations information is used to create Inspectorio accounts for all of your partners and factories and build appropriate associations between these organizations. Organization attributes pushed for each organization can be used for building assessments activation lists and manage your ecosystem effectively within the platform.

Can you provide us with samples of an organization profile in Inspectorio’s format?

You will find samples of an organization profile (for both partner and factory organizations) in JSON on the API Reference page, more specifically under the resource type “Organization” and the resource method “Create Organization”.

Can we retrieve the data generated on Inspectorio?

Yes, you can access it by pulling from the exposed API through your API client and into your internal ERP system. Then, you can transform the data to meet your business needs. We also offer some file export capabilities directly accessible by end-users of Inspectorio for Reports.