Lab Test Report

Expanding our Inspectorio Sight API to data exchange of lab test Report.

We now expose the management of lab test reports (Create/Update/Delete/Get). To create a Lab Test Report by API integration, only a few fields are mandatory: Lab Test Report Number, Lab Test Report Date, Lab Test Report Overall Result (Passed/Failed).

Please check our API specification to get all the field details.You will have the ability to create and tie a lab test report to a PO Number by API, and this will give you the ability to know whether a Purchase Order passed or failed a test report.

Once you push Lab test data by sight API, you also need to enable the visibility of Lab test result from the table configuration of PO management page (status is disable by default).

Then, the Lab Test Result will be displayed on the purchase order management page between Style ID and No. Inspection. 2

The lab test report has 3 states: empty (no Lab test result available), filled with a checkbox (result passed) and filled with a cross (result failed). 3

Lab Test Report can have one-to-many Test Conclusions (no limitation), one-to-many Attachments, one owner org, many shared org.

This new data will consequently help you to make more efficient decisions such as waive inspection booking. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at