File Transfer Formatting

File Transfer Formatting Specifications

To use File Transfer integration for your data, you must ensure that your CSV, XLS (excel 97) or XLSX files (excel 2007-2010) are formatted correctly.

File Specifications

We recommend that you take a look at the formatting specifications delineated in this document and ensure that your Purchase Orders (POs) and Points of Measurement (POMs) are formatted accordingly.

Please refer to this File Transfer Specifications PDF to understand our File Transfer data structure for purchase orders and measurements, as well as sample files below.

In order to download the files, right-click and click “Save As”.


POM charts can be edited manually through Inspectorio’s UI when creating a booking; however, such edits will not produce permanent changes on the POM files stored in the back-end. We currently do not support POM file editing capabilities in the back-end. If you wish to make a change to any of the fields of a POM chart in the back-end, you must upload a new POM file, with your desired changes, which will replace the existing one.


In the case of an error at any point in the integration process, an email will be sent to the data integration point of contact at your organization.

If you have questions, please contact